CB Passive Income Review Bonuses

What is CB Passive Income?

CB Passive Income is a new offering from one of the most respected vendors in the Internet Business Opportunities niche; Patric Chan. Patric has been making money online, every day for more than ten years. And he does it on autopilot, using a highly profitable “secret web page.”

What CB Passive Income really amounts to is a clone of his successful marketing system that anyone else can now start using, and in about ten minutes (or less) they can be in business earning steady, predictable, consistent passive income.

CB Passive Income Review Bonuses

CB Passive Income Review

It is for anyone who has been struggling to make money online, purchasing one “shiny object” after another, and wants a shortcut so they can start doing it right, the easy way, without having to go through all the pain, expenses and frustration.

The reason why most people fail at making money online is because they don’t have a proven system that works for them.

With CB Passive Income, pretty much everything is done for you. That’s why even newbies are raking in a steady income with it. It requires no selling and absolutely NO experience is needed.

  • You don’t need to write or produce any content
  • You don’t need a website
  • You don’t need to send email messages
  • You don’t need to pay for hosting or autoresponder
  • You don’t need to create any products to sell
  • You don’t need to write any sales letters
  • You don’t need to provide any customer service or follow up support
  • You don’t even need to learn about Internet marketing!

Instead, what you get is a ready-made, proven converting sales funnel that generates income for you whenever you send traffic to it.

CB Passive Income Review Bonuses

What Makes CB Passive Income Unique?

Unlike many so-called Internet Marketing opportunities, CB Passive Income is a hands-free automated system designed to create passive income on autopilot. Getting started with it is simple, which is very welcome for new online marketers who are still waiting to start making money on the Internet.

However, this program is not just for beginners. Even experienced marketers will welcome having an additional income stream that can be set up quickly and pretty much effortlessly.

After you sign up for CB Passive Income, you are given access to all the tools needed to start up your own Internet business. In a nutshell, all you have to do is start giving away a free report that Patric supplies for you. After that, your “work” is done. Patric and his support staff will do all the rest of the heavy lifting.

Essentially, what Patric has designed is a well-oiled machine that generates a unique link for you to use when you send your visitors to a hidden location where they will receive this valuable free report.

With each email message sent out from CB Passive Income’s system there is the potential for it to be making money for you! And you don’t need to do any work at all, because Patric and his team are working on your behalf.

It’s like having him create content for you, do all of the marketing for you and continue to promote new products so you can make even additional income on total autopilot! And he will continue to monetize the subscribers for you, in perpetuity.

What Exactly Do You Get In CB Passive Income?

  • A professional web page tested to convert at an amazing 50%
  • A desirable free offer to inspire visitors to subscribe.
  • No-cost hosting
  • After visitors have opted in, Patric’s auto responder does all the work for you.
  • Expertly written email messages and further free reports are sent to this list with your unique code. This means all promotions will have your very own Clickbank ID in them. So when the people in this list buy a product, you get the commission.

Basically, the reason why CB Passive Income is so powerful is because you are leveraging Patric’s services and credibility for your individual profit. Of course you could set up your own squeeze page, get some opt ins and promote products yourself. But even after you took the time and expended the energy you still would not have the powerful clout that Patric has in terms of building trust with your subscriber list, which takes an awfully long time. Additionally, email marketing is one of the hardest methods for selling anything. If you don’t provide sufficient value, don’t know how to word compelling emails and understand the precise timing of when to promote. Most likely, you will experience just more disappointment.

CB Passive Income Review Summary

For someone who is inexperienced at making a steady income on the Internet, CB Passive Income is highly recommended. It is as simple and cost-effective a way to get going with making passive income as you are ever going to experience. Furthermore Patric’s training makes all the other components in the package about as simple as falling off a log.

If only I had this opportunity when I first got started, I would definitely be making more passive income.

This is truly a rare opportunity for you to start making some REAL money online.

This is your opportunity to earn lifetime commissions from Clickbank by cloning an Internet millionaire’s entire business system.

How To Score Your Bonuses

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CB Passive Income Review Bonus

CB Passive Income Bonuses

Here are the Bonus Gifts we have chosen for you…


Ultimate Passive Income

Who doesn’t want the freedom to do what they really want in life. Things like:

  • Getting paid while you’re on vacation doing what you love
  • Spending more time with the people you love, while you earn money
  • Creating multiple streams of passive income

There is a science to setting up multiple streams of passive income. And this ultimate, step-by-step guide reveals the secrets.Why passive income is the best business model and how to get started the easy way.

  • Simple steps for building passive income streams to build consistent wealth
  • Learn which passive income stream methods you should start with if you want to get the best results as quickly as possible
  • Foolproof strategies for growing your passive income streams on complete autopilot
  • Avoid the most common mistakes people make when building passive income streams.
  • Scaling up up your passive income quickly to six figures and beyond in just a few short months.
  • Proven successful tools you can use to automate your operations and make setting up passive income streams faster and easier.

You get 10 videos with audio versions, transcriptions, a sales website, professional graphics, ebook, cheat sheet and more, all with resell rights.


Weight Loss Audio Technology

Cutting edge science helps balance mind and body for weight loss success.

Brainwave Entrainment allows the brain to modify its own internal electrical rhythms called brainwaves that can be accurately measured, analyzed and observed using different technological equipment. When external rhythms from light or sound sources meet the frequency of the brain’s rhythms, brainwaves synchronize with the outer stimulus, triggering a phenomenon called Frequency Following Response or FFR.

Based on this principle, brainwaves will slowly shift along with the outer stimulus coming from auditory or light sources… In brief, this technology controls mental states and bodily functions through measured application of specific sound patterns, tones and frequencies. In essence, users are able to achieve their full potential, and instantly change their mental state.

Here’s what you get…

  • 10 Minute Weight Loss Specific Meditation Track – This soothing music has relaxing Brainwave Entrainment frequencies built right in.
  • 30 Minute Brainwave Entrainment Track – Specially designed to improve your weight loss efforts.
  • 20 Minute Weight Loss Specific Hypnotic Affirmations Track – This also has Brainwave Entrainment frequencies built right in. Use hypnotics to help you speed your weight loss efforts.

Includes audios, professional CD jewel case graphics, sales website, autoresponder email sequence, and more – all with resell rights.


Mastering Instagram

Is Instagram the hottest social medium today? If not, it could be tomorrow.

Right now, the opportunity for anyone looking to build a following and get FREE traffic is better than it has ever been. Instagram traffic is incredibly powerful because its users are extremely targeted and engaged.

With new features being rolled out, such as Instagram’s new “Stories” feature, now is the time to position your business and your brand on Instagram, it’s wide open and it’s never been easier to build a massive following.Instagram now has over 500 million total users and 300 million daily active users

  • Powerful engagement, with over 4.2 billion likes daily
  • More than 95 million photos and videos shared daily – 40 billion plus since startup.
  • Over 70% of the largest brands are using Instagram
  • At least 5% of people on Instagram take action like visiting a website or making a purchase after being inspired by a post on Instagram

Learn how to quickly start growing your account, get followers, and the exact steps you must take to keep them engaged/

Discover the hidden tricks to using Instagram Stories, the power of “going live” and making boomerangs for the best results possible/

We reveal the tips, tricks, and hidden settings that almost no one knows about that can get you results even faster

Find out how to make the most of Instagram’s most powerful new features, even if you’re a total newbie.

Includes 10 videos with audio versions, transcriptions, a sales website, professional graphics Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and more, all with resell rights.


Webinar Authority

Webinars are popular for promoting businesses because they are so effective. Ranked as one of the top three methods for delivering content, webinars give attendees real-time information and with Q&A interactivity.

Here are the secrets of setting up and delivering a successful webinar, in easy-to-understand instructions.

  • Tips on choice of microphone, camera, lighting and more
  • More ways to monetize a webinar and make more money than expected
  • Ideas on how to promote and advertise a webinar, even without a budget
  • Choosing an engaging webinar topic you can present as an expert
  • Tips on improving your presentation delivery, diction, mannerisms, etc.
  • How to use slides and other media to make webinars more interesting and engaging
  • How to team up with a partner for a more successful and profitable online event, because a webinar with one expert is great, but a webinar with multiple experts can’t be missed..

You get 10 videos with audio versions, transcriptions, a sales website, professional graphics Facebook posts, Twitter tweets and more, all with resell rights.


Easy Authority Blog

How to set up a profitable, authority blog in any niche. Bypass the biggest roadblocks that most newbies face when they try to jump into this popular business.

  • How to choose a profitable niche
  • Determine whether your blog niche will have long-term success
  • A test to find out whether you can become an authority in a niche
  • Analyze the strength of the competition
  • How to discover enough products to monetize your blog
  • Finding good topics to keep your readers interested
  • How to create good blog posts at lightning fast speed.

You get 9 videos with audio versions, transcriptions, a sales website, professional graphics and resell rights.

This information is PRICELESS!

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We pledge to reply promptly with the links for you to download your exclusive bonuses.